Team Norse Thunder

Founded in 2016, Team Norse Thunder is a British team of competitive trading card game players competing across the Pokemon TCG, Hearthstone, and Invasion TCG titles.

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The World's First Exodus TCG Team

Team Norse Thunder originally formed to help bring the Exodus TCG to the United Kingdom. 2018 saw all three of the team's founding members qualify for the World Championships.

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Games Team Norse Thunder Compete In

Pokemon TCG

Pokemon is one of the most popular trading card games in the world and it's going through a resurgance. Follow Kary's adventure as she works towards qualifying for the 2020 World Championships...


By far and away the most popular digital trading card game, Hearthstone is a new title for Team Norse Thunder. Follow Dave as he takes his first competitive steps in Hearthstone... 

Invasion TCG

The smallest title that the team are focused on, we're the official Promotional Team of Invasion TCG which means we're working to build a community of players around the world...