About Us

Team Norse Thunder Players

Team Norse Thunder was set up in 2016 and was originally formed as the world's first competitive Exodus TCG team. The team currently has players competing in the Pokemon TCG, Hearthstone, and Invasion TCG titles. 

2018 saw two of the team's founding members - Dave Scotford and Zach Carlson - qualify for the inaugural Exodus TCG World Championships on merit, achieving 11th and 10th place finishes respectively. During the qualifying season, Dave was ranked as the world's top player while Zach was ranked as the top American player. Meanwhile, the team's then rookie player - Ashley Burns - also qualified for the World Championships but was unable to compete. 

In January 2020, Team Norse Thunder announced structural changes, launching a Hearthstone division and a Pokemon TCG division too. Dave took his first steps into competitive Hearthstone play after a season away from Exodus TCG, while Karys Belfield joined the team to focus playing on Pokemon. Karys joined the team while in the game’s Seniors age bracket and is currently working towards qualifying for the next Pokemon World Championships. 

The summer of 2020 saw the team secure a near-£5,000 grant from UnLtd to launch as a social enterprise using games to help young people combat social isolation. Phoebe Belfield then joined the team, and as someone training to be a Youth and Community worker, is ideally placed to help the team progress as a social enterprise while also competing herself. 

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