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Esports Teams

Team Norse Thunder Esports Teams

Team Norse Thunder’s esports teams - known as rosters - represent us in some of the biggest and most popular gaming titles on the planet. We have teams competing at both elite and community levels in League of Legends, Pokemon Unite, Brawl Stars and many more. The rosters are some of the most visible parts of our organisation, and do a brilliant job of representing us on a local and international level. 

Some of our rosters are run and managed by a Head Coach who supports players through training sessions and then into matches and tournaments, while a Team Manager is there to support too. Some of the rosters have a Captain and Vice Captain instead, who are players as well as the leaders of a roster. Over the years, Team Norse Thunder players have excelled in competition at all levels and have earned their place on our honours board

Team Norse Thunder Rosters  

  • Pokemon Unite - Team Pink  
  • Pokemon Unite - Team Yellow
  • Pokemon Unite - Team Red
  • Pokemon Unite - Team Black
  • League of Legends - Lead Roster
  • League of Legends - Clash Roster
  • Brawl Stars - Lead Roster 
  • Brawl Stars - Community Roster
  • Magic: The Gathering - Pauper/Historic
  • FIFA Mobile: EUW Premier League 

Core Esports Titles 

League of Legends is a major part of life at Team Norse Thunder. Created by Riot Games in 2009, League of Legends has more than 115 million players across the world and 50 million of those are active daily. In League of Legends, two teams of five battle to defend their part of the game’s map while invading their opponents and taking objectives. To win a game, a team has to destroy their opponent's nexus, a structure located in the deepest part of each team’s area of the map. 

Pokemon Unite is another major part of the Thunder esports program. Launched in 2021, the game has quickly gained popularity and more than 30 million players are said to have played. Similar to League of Legends in some ways, teams invade each other’s section of the game map, secure objectives and destroy enemy team structures. 

Mobile gaming has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, and Brawl Stars is one of the most established titles in the space. Thunder has two rosters representing it at both the elite and community end of the competitive scene. FIFA Mobile is also a part of the Thunder esports roster line up. 

Away from traditional esports titles, Team Norse Thunder also competes in trading card game events. TCGs were where we first made our name and they’re a big part of what we do even today. Games like the Pokemon TCG, Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering all see players using decks of cards to do battle.