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Thunder Crowned Brawl Stars Champions

Edgar Brawl Stars Character

Team Norse Thunder's return to the world of Brawl Stars got off to a flying start last weekend as they were crowned champions in the most recent Club League event. 

Club League tournaments bring together teams from across the region to compete over three days of play, and before Thunder's competitive hiatus, the team had reached the diamond-ranked leagues.

Returning to the game, Thunder found themselves in the Gold III division alongside BrawlStarsGang, Team Zzion, and CampionI, Kankab, Los Her, Becenbi and Jupiter. A place in the highest Gold-level division was up for grabs for the best-performing team in the event, as was promotion to Gold's second tier for the runners-up and the third, and fourth-place finishers.

Day one of the competition saw Thunder finish at the top of the table, with a 20-point gap to the nearest challengers and a 30-point gap to third place - Team Zzion and BrawlStarsGang respectively.

While day one saw plenty of matches won, a tougher day two lay in wait, but Thunder managed to stretch their lead to 60 points over their nearest challengers. As play on the penultimate day ended, Thunder were top, BrawlStarsGang were in second, while Team Zzion and CampionI were in third and fourth place. 

With promotion already guaranteed going into the final day of the Club League event, Thunder were looking to secure the double promotion to Gold's top flight to set up a potential quick return to the diamond leagues. An impressive display saw the team secure a record number of trophies and were the only team to add points to their total. 

The final league standings were:

1st - Team Norse Thunder (350 points)
2nd - BrawlStarsGang (140points)
3rd - Team Zzion (80points)
4th - CampionI (80points)
5th - Kankab (0points)
6th - Los Her (0points)
7th - Becenbi (0points)
8th - Jupiter (0 points)

Speaking about the team's re-entry into Brawl Stars, Team Norse Thunder's Dave Scotford said: "This is a great game and it's a good way to bring people together from across the organisation to play together. We have people with us specifically playing Brawl Stars too, so it's a nice mix. People from our community, our rosters, and our staff are playing, and that's really cool to see.

"As we look to build our competitive roster over the coming month or so, the community side of what we do is going to be really, really important. The two sitting alongside each other would put us in a really nice position and we're looking to challenge for major honours in 2024 - it's exciting!"