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Thunder Win Brawl Stars Diamond CL Title

Griff Brawl Stars

Team Norse Thunder’s Brawl Stars roster has stormed through the latest Club League event and are celebrating after winning the Diamond III division - an achievement which marks yet another promotion. 

Club Leagues see teams from across the region battle it out over three days of competition. Thunder began life in the game’s bottom division - Bronze I - back in September, but have gone on to secure promotion after promotion to reach the diamond ranks. However, the roster’s latest promotion sees them now go up into the Mythic ranked leagues - the third highest level available in the game.

Flying high on the back of so much success, hopes were high going into day one of the tournament with another immediate promotion up for grabs. Day one saw Thunder hit the top of the table after a solid display across their matches, but a tougher day two opened the door to Stels - another team in the league - to take the top spot.

However, Thunder’s players came out in force on the third and final day to reclaim the top spot with a dominant performance that earned just under double the amount of points of eventual second-place finishers Stels and more in a single day’s play than any Thunder roster had ever achieved before.

The final league standings were:

1st - Team Norse Thunder (330 points)
2nd - Stels (300 points)
3rd - Kiber Club (155 points)
4th - Faze E Carlito (145 points)
5th - GGams (70 points)
6th - Ukraine (60 points)
7th - OK Esports (45 points)
8th - Klub Kuzynow (0 points)

Speaking about the roster’s progression, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “Any day you win a league is going to be a good one, and we’re having lots of good days at the moment. We’ve probably had more than our fair share of them since we brought Brawl Stars into what we do here at Thunder, not that we’re complaining. It’s been great to see - and to be a part of.

“We’ve got a couple of conversations going on behind the scenes with some pretty high-level players right now. We talked about creating a flagship, dedicated roster and that’s edging closer and closer to reality. The way that Club Leagues and then the elite level tournaments work means we can keep building our community program while also building a high-performance roster - and it’s still all one group.

“The way we’ve seen people from across the Thunder world come together and play has been really cool. These players are on rosters in other games, part of our online community, or who come along to our in-person venue sessions. Bringing people together is what Thunder is about so to find a game that helps us do that… it’s special.”