Player Roster

Pokemon Unite

AyyeeTony (Captain): One of the most recent additions to Thunder’s Pokemon Unite program, AyyeeTony has slotted in as a team captain and acts as the primary shot caller. He can play across multiple roles, but can most often be found in the jungle or as a support. 

Tano: Tano joined Thunder in mid 2022 as part of the second iteration of the team’s roster as an attacker. He went on to play in both the 2022 and 2023 world championship qualifying campaigns as well as a host of community tournaments and scrims. 

Tunak (Vice Captain): Able to play multiple roles across the map and pilot a wide range of Pokemon, Tunak joined Thunder in early 2022. He represented the team in multiple competitions and events and now serves as a vice captain for one of the teams. 

Apollyon (Vice Captain): Apollyon usually plays in the all rounder position and also serves as a vice captain for the team. He joined the organisation in mid-2022 and played in both the 2022 and 2023 world championship qualifying events and several scrim matches. 

Kaos: Focused on playing in the defender and supporter roles, Kaos joined Thunder in late 2022 and quickly established himself as part of the team. He made his competitive debut in the 2023 world championship qualifying campaign, but has also played in scrims. 

Karys: Originally a Pokemon TCG player, peaking at a top 8 European ranking in the 2020 season, Karys has switched to Unite. She played in all of the 2022 world championship qualifying events as the teams jungler as well as a number of scrims, and is set for the 2023 campaign. 

Tiny (Captain): Tiny joined the Pokemon Unite roster in its first iteration and is the longest serving active member in the program. She plays in the support role and serves as a team captain. She played in both the 2022 and 2023 world championship qualifying events. 

Bulba: A recent addition to the Team Norse Thunder set-up, Bulba is working across both the team’s rosters as they build towards competing in world championship qualifying events. Bulba mains defenders and plays across lanes. He is set to make his competitive and Thunder debut in the 2023 season. 

Xepher: Originally part of Thunder’s League of Legends roster that competed in Division 3 of the MXL in 2021, Xepher made the switch to Pokemon Unite. With the League of Legends roster, he won multiple Clash trophies and finished 3rd in the MXL campaign.

Zenith: Zenith joined the Thunder Unite program in early 2023 and has played with both teams within the roster, making his debut in the first world championship qualifying game of the year. Most often in the defender slot, Zenith is an experienced player bringing a high level of game knowledge.  

TCG & Single Player Esports

Team Norse Thunder Esports Players

Karys Belfield (Pokemon TCG): Karys joined Team Norse Thunder to lead the Pokemon TCG division and quickly found success. Having earned a European top 32 ranking in the early part of her first season playing the game, Karys went on to achieve podium finishes at events around the UK.

Dave Scotford (Magic: The Gathering): As well as his role working behind the scenes as team staff, Dave also represents Team Norse Thunder in Magic: The Gathering events, specialising in the Pauper format. Away from Magic, Dave played at the 2018 Exodus TCG World Championships and finished in 11th place having spent the year as the world’s number one ranked player. 

League of Legends

Team Norse Thunder League of Legends Roster

Xepherr (Team Manager): One of the longest serving people on any of the Team Norse Thunder esports rosters, Xepherr was on the team's first EU League of Legends roster. Along the way he won multiple Clash events and played in the team's debut competitive split in the MXL and earned a 4th place finish. His new role sees him leading the VAL roster as the Team Manager. 

Viking (AD Carry): Viking joined the team in summer of 2022 as an AD Carry for a roster designed to compete in the VAL. He began his adventure with the team by winning the tier one Zaun Cup Clash event, winning three games back-to-back in the process.

Rigs (Support): Rigs joined Team Norse Thunder in August 2022 as a Support player, a position that saw him pairing up with Viking in the bot lane. His debut in competition saw him play a ket role in winning the tier one Zaun Cup alongside his new team mates.

Gåreń (Jungle): The most recent addition to the Team Norse Thunder roster, Gåreń is the team's Jungler. The Zaun Cup event - which the team won - was his tryout session and after an impressive performance, he signed a contract with the organisation. 

Chovers (Top): Chovers joined the team in August 2022 as a Top lane player. His first outing representing the team had him as a key part of the team's Zaun Cup winning campaign and he is set to compete in the VAL later this year.