Player Roster

Dave Scotford - Team Norse Thunder

Name: Dave Scotford
Location: United Kingdom
Game: Hearthstone (Standard)

Dave is Team Norse Thunder's founding member and currently the longest serving player on the roster. He qualified for the 2018 Exodus TCG World Championships as the world's top ranked player, but finished the tournament in 11th place. Dave is now taking his first steps into Hearthstone's competitive scene while managing the day-to-day running of the team.  

Karys Belfield - Team Norse Thunder

Name: Karys Belfield
Location: United Kingdom
Game: Pokemon TCG

Karys is in her second season playing on Pokemon TCGs competitive circuit but she has already secured runners-up spots at multiple events and finished inside the top 8 at every tournament she has competed in. Karys is working towards qualifying for the next Pokemon TCG World Championships and has previously been ranked as one of Europe's top 32 players.

Phoebe Belfield - Team Norse Thunder

Name: Phoebe Belfield
Location: United Kingdom
Game: Various TCGs

Phoebe is the newest member of Team Norse Thunder. She holds an incredible record of top ten finishes in every Pokemon TCG event she has ever played in, with a runners-up spot at a League Challenge her highest finish while using an off-meta deck. Her gaming career began with Cardfight Vanguard but she has also played Exodus TCG at a competitive level.