Player Roster

League of Legends: Roster

Team Norse Thunder League of Legends Roster

Algorim (Coach): Though he's the team's Head Coach, Algorim is also named as a substitute player on Team Norse Thunder's LoL roster. He has played on the Taiwan, Chinese, and Korean Super Server and peaked at rank 15 before switching to EUW. 

MyKey (Support): The team's captain and leader, MyKey has represented Thunder since early 2021, originally as a Jungler but is now back in his favoured Support position. He has won two clash events with the team and was also a part of the team's debut competitive split. 

Sylvarwa (ADC): Sylvarwa is the longest-serving player on any of Team Norse Thunder's esports rosters and is the bedrock of the team's LoL program. The ADC has represented the org in every scrim and event it has competed in and was ever-present in the debut MXL campaign that ended with a 4th place finish. 

Kovu (Top): One of the most recent additions to the team's roster, Kovu has nailed down his place in the Top lane and has so far represented the team in two scrims ahead of the team's upcoming split. He currently has a 100% win record while playing for the team in scrims.

AlbussDumbledore (Jungle): After MyKey moved into the Support role, AlbussDumbledore was brought in to fill the Jungle position. As another recent addition to the roster, he is preparing to represent the team in an upcoming split. Like Kovu, hcurrently has a 100% win record while playing for the team in scrims.

Orkester (Mid): Originally on trial with Team Norse Thunder's academy roster, Orkester was picked up to play in the mid lane for the flagship roster instead. As a recent addition, he also holds the same 100% win record as his teammates in scrims.

Pokemon Unite: Roster

Team Norse Thunder Pokemon Unite Roster

Karys: Karys joined Team Norse Thunder originally as a Pokemon TCG player, but when the COVID-19 pandemic ended the competitive circuit, she switched to playing Pokemon Unite. Karys has played in all of the World Championship qualifying matches that Thunder has been involved in and now plays mostly in the Jungle role. 

Tiny: Tiny joined Team Norse Thunder in 2021 as part of the original formation of the Pokemon Unite roster and she has been a mainstay ever since. Now holding the captaincy of the team, Tiny has helped drive the roster forward and has played in every World Championship qualifying match Thunder has been involved in. 





Trading Card Game: Roster

Team Norse Thunder Trading Card Game Team

Karys Belfield (Pokemon TCG): Karys joined Team Norse Thunder to lead the Pokemon TCG division and quickly found success. Having earned a European top 32 ranking in the early part of her first season playing the game, Karys went on to achieve podium finishes at events around the UK.

Phoebe Belfield (Hearthstone): Phoebe splits her time between playing Battlegrounds and grinding the Standard format ranked ladder, and has twice been on the brink of Legend rank status. She joined the team in late 2020 and occasionally also plays in Pokemon TCG tournaments.

Dave Scotford (Magic: The Gathering): As well as his role working behind the scenes as team staff, Dave also represents Team Norse Thunder in Magic: The Gathering events, specialising in the Pauper format. Away from Magic, Dave played at the 2018 Exodus TCG World Championships and finished in 11th place having spent the year as the world’s number one ranked player.