Player Roster

Karys Belfield - Team Norse Thunder Player Photo

Karys Belfield - Pokemon TCG Player

Karys joined Team Norse Thunder to lead the Pokemon TCG division and quickly found success. Having earned a European top 32 ranking in the early part of her first season playing the game, Karys went on to achieve podium finishes at events around the UK. A place at the 2020 Pokemon World Championships was within touching distance, but the COVD-19 pandemic saw the season ended early. 

With the organised play program still suspended, Karys has taken to streaming on the team's Twitch channel a once or twice a week - though she sometimes streams Hearthstone instead. The 2021 Pokemon World Championships are very much in her sights! Away from Team Norse Thunder, Karys is a talented artist, and also likes playing the Pokemon VGC games. 


Phoebe Belfield - Team Norse Thunder Player Photo

Phoebe Belfield - Hearthstone Player

Phoebe Belfield represents Team Norse Thunder as a Hearthstone player, and also holds a behind the scenes staff role too. Phoebe has previously played Cardfight Vanguard for another trading card game team, and has played in Pokemon TCG events representing the team too, building an incredible record of finishing inside the top ten at every event while also notching up event wins too. 

As a Hearthstone player, she is already on the pathway to Legend rank status, despite only starting playing competitively in the first month of 2021. Her highest season finish so far has seen her in mid-Diamond ranks! Phoebe streams on the team's Twitch channel three or four times a week and is usually playing Hearthstone. Away from Team Norse Thunder, Phoebe also runs a handmade gaming accessory company - Roll Dice Roll and is a final year student at Newman University studying Youth and Community Work.