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Player Roster

Pokemon Unite: Team Yellow 

Team Norse Thunder Team Yellow

AyyeeTony (Captain): AyyeeTony joined Thunder’s Pokemon Unite program at the beginning of 2023 and slotted into a captaincy role fairly soon after joining. He has played across multiple roles for Thunder as he represented the team in the 2023 World Championship qualifying campaign, but can most often be found in the bot lane. 

Apollyon (Vice Captain): Originally joining Thunder when the team only had one roster, Apollyon has gone from being a substitute to an ever-present member of Team Yellow. He joined in mid-2022 and become a vice captain the following year. Apollyon has played in multiple roles for the team, but usually in a carry role. 

Dark_DDX: Based out in Italy, Dark_DDX joined Thunder in April of 2023 and played for the team in the later stages of the 2023 World Championship qualifying campaign. Since joining, he has gone on to become a critical part of the team both inside and out of game, and will be a part of the 2024 roster pushing to qualify for the game’s top tier. 

Brutal: Also based out in Italy, Brutal also joined Thunder in April 2023 and has quickly established himself as a starter within the Team Yellow roster. Able to play in multiple roles on the map, he played in that year’s World Championship qualifying events and shone across matches.   

Pokemon Unite: Team Red

Team Norse Thunder Team Red

Tunak (Captain): Able to play multiple roles across the map and pilot a wide range of Pokemon, Tunak joined Thunder in early 2022 and mostly played in the top lane. He represented the team in multiple competitions and events and now serves as Team Red’s captain.

Tano (Vice Captain): Tano joined Thunder in mid-2022 as part of the second iteration of the team’s roster as an attacker, and is most often found in the bot lane. He went on to play in both the 2022 and 2023 World Championship qualifying campaigns as well as a host of community tournaments and scrims. 

Kaos: Focused on playing in the defender and support roles, Kaos joined Thunder in late 2022 having left another organisation earlier that year. He played throughout the 2023 World Championship qualifying campaign as well as a handful of other tournaments too. 

Karys: Originally a Pokemon TCG player, peaking at a top 8 European ranking in the 2020 season, Karys switched to Unite. She played in all of the 2022 World Championship qualifying events as the teams jungler as well as a number of scrims, and also played in most of the 2023 qualifying events too. 

Pokemon Unite: Team Black 

Team Norse Thunder Team Black

ProjectR (Captain): A founding member of Team Blaze, ProjectR joined Thunder in mid 2023 to lead the new roster with his teammates. He joined as a team captain and has lead a foundation-building stage for his team as they gear up for next season. ProjectR usually plays in the top lane and plays in the all-rounder role.

JakeCake (Vice Captain): JakeCake joined Thunder as part of the Team Blaze move, and became the roster’s first vice captain alongside ProjectR. He plays as a tank main and has played in the 2023 World Championship qualifying events and in scrims too. 

Chicken: Team Black’s jungler, Chicken joined Thunder in mid-2023, again as part of the Team Blaze move like her teammates. She has gone on to play in the World Championship qualifying campaign and in-house and external scrims too and is building towards the 2024 season. 

Cookio: Cookio has been a member of Team Norse Thunder since the Spring of 2023 and is most comfortable playing in lane. He was an original member of Team Blaze’s Pokemon Unite squad but joined Thunder alongside the rest of the current roster of players and is set to play in the 2024 season. 

Rebi: Rebi is Team Black’s attacker main and represented the organisation in a handful of 2023 World Championship qualifying events before the season came to an end. She also joined the organisation from Team Blaze and is gearing up to compete in the 2024 competitive season. 

Pokemon Unite: Team Pink 

Team Norse Thunder Team White Roster 

Xelxgai (Captain): Xelxgai joined Thunder originally as part of the Team Black roster as a substitute player, but moved to the newly formed Team Pink shortly after. He now leads the roster, playing a critical role in its development, and plays across multiple positions in game. He is set to compete in the upcoming 2024 competitive season.

Coldy (Vice Captain): A former member of Goal Ducks, another European team, Coldy joined Thunder in May 2023 and is the most recent addition to the team. He joined as a vice captain of the roster and is another player who can play in multiple roles on the map, but he is often found as a mage or jungler. 

Muddled: Another player who is comfortable in multiple positions, Muddled is a player who has shown his value to the team since he joined Team Pink in May 2023. He played in some of the 2023 World Championship qualifying events but is set for next season with Thunder.

Divixus: Divixus came on board with Thunder in March 2023, originally as a member of Team Yellow and plays in the jungle. After a stint with the team he made the switch to Team Pink, and since then he has played in a number of events and scrims for the team. 

Neroami: Joining in May 2023, Neroami became the first contracted player in Team Pink as the roster was being set up. She plays most often as a support, and has played alongside her teammates in 2023 World Championship qualifying events, scrims, and other tournaments too. 

TCG & Single Player Esports

Team Norse Thunder Esports Players

Karys Belfield (Pokemon TCG): Karys joined Team Norse Thunder to lead the Pokemon TCG division and quickly found success. Having earned a European top 32 ranking in the early part of her first season playing the game, Karys went on to achieve podium finishes at events around the UK.

Dave Scotford (Magic: The Gathering): As well as his role working behind the scenes as team staff, Dave also represents Team Norse Thunder in Magic: The Gathering events, specialising in the Pauper format. Away from Magic, Dave played at the 2018 Exodus TCG World Championships and finished in 11th place having spent the year as the world’s number one ranked player.