Team Staff

Dave Scotford - Team Director

Dave Scotford - Team Norse Thunder

Dave is Team Norse Thunder's founder and his role sees him focusing on managing the team’s day-to-day and long term operations while also working with outside partners who help support the team. He also represents the team as a Magic: The Gathering player.

Phoebe Belfield - Head of Community

Phoebe Belfield - Team Norse Thunder - Head of Community

As well as representing Team Norse Thunder as a Hearthstone player, Phoebe works as the team’s Head of Community. The role sees her running the team’s local game store, venue, and play space on a day-to-day and strategic level. She also organises and manages online events too. 

Alastair Fan - LoL Head Coach

Alastair Fan - League of Legends Head Coach

Alastair is the most recent addition to the Team Norse Thunder backroom staff having joined the team in late 2021. He originally came on board as an assistant coach before taking over the reigns at the organisations WildRift Head Coach. He now leads the team’s League of Legends program.