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Back-to-Back Brawl Stars Titles for Thunder Roster

Team Norse Thunder Brawl Stars

Team Norse Thunder’s Brawl Stars adventure may only just be getting back underway, but the team are already celebrating back-to-back double promotions after winning the Gold III title earlier this week. 

Thunder cruised to victory in the previous Club League and claimed the Gold I title, for which they were promoted two leagues into the Gold III division. The latest instalment of the competition saw Thunder competing alongside fellow European teams Team Turkey, Legends, 1000-7, Ykpraiha, Noe Bar, Bernardo Bear, and Only Pro.

The top four teams at the end of the final day of the three-day event would secure promotion, but despite a tough day of results on the opening day, Thunder found themselves in a solid position to kick on and push for promotion. While Thunder were in third place, Team Turkey and Legends occupied first and second place respectively.

The two final days of the Club League saw Thunder come into their own and dominant performances from players helped secure the title. A record number of trophies were earned on the last day of the competition, and more victories were recorded by Thunder players across all three days than had ever been achieved before. 

While the title was already comfortably decided by this point, with just 10 seconds of the competition remaining, 1000-7 knocked Ykpraih out of fourth place and claimed promotion for themselves. Meanwhile, Team Turkey and Legends built on their opening day performance and also secured promotion, but Bernardo Bear and Only Pro were relegated after finishing as the bottom two teams. 

Claiming the Gold III division title with a 70 point cushion means that Thunder were promoted twice into the Diamond II league, while 1000-7, Team Turkey, and Legends will all compete in Diamond I division next time around. 

The final league standings were:

1st - Team Norse Thunder (320 points)
2nd - Team Turkey (250 points)
3rd - Legends (160 points)
4th - 1000-7 (145 points)
5th - Ykpraih (120 points)
6th - Noe Bar (80 points)
7th - Bernardo Bear (75 points)
8th - Only Pro (0 points)

Speaking about the team’s Club League performance, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “We’re not a million miles off getting back to where we were pre-break and it’s great to see more people from across the whole organisation and our community playing and getting involved.

“Our open, community roster is developing really nicely and it’s a great way to do something together as an organisation outside of our ‘normal’ roles. Once we’ve got our elite roster up and running alongside it, we’ll have a really solid Brawl Stars program.

“Winning titles in the gold leagues is going to be a starting point. We’ll kick on from here and we’ll be targeting another promotion. It’ll get tougher, and more competitive from here, but we’ve got enough to make it happen. We want to be in the elite leagues even with the community roster!”