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Thunder Suffer Defeat in VAL Fixture

Sona League of Legends Champion 

Team Norse Thunder’s League of League of Legends roster suffered defeat in their second VAL fixture, a result that leaves them sitting on a 0-2 record for the split so far.

Thunder opened up their Division One campaign last week with defeat against P6 - the league’s reigning champions. However, a win against Dojo Sentinels in a best of three scrim the night before the latest VAL fixture had hopes high that the roster could get back to winning ways in competitive play. 

The split’s second round of fixtures pitted Thunder against Ronin Myra and the game was streamed and casted on the league’s official Twitch channel to a live audience. 

Game one of the best of three against Ronin Myra saw Thunder defeated in just over 25 minutes with KDA scores at 22/6/52 to 6/22/15 and a 13k gold difference. Thunder needed to win the second game to force the match into a third and deciding game, but Ronin Myra won out. The game ended with KDA scores at 26/9/63 to 9/26/24 and an 11k gold difference. 

Speaking about the loss, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “Defeat hurts a bit to be fair, especially coming off the back of a decent win the night before in a scrim. But from here it’s about how we pick ourselves up and how we move on to focus on next week’s match. 

“I think the commentators on the stream said it best, something like that there’s all the puzzle pieces in the team, but we have to put them all together to make it work. That’s not going to happen overnight, but we need and want to build week by week to make sure we get the puzzle completed.”