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Defeat in Opening Day of VAL for LoL Roster

League of Legends Champion - Blitzcrank

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends roster slipped to a 0-2 defeat against reigning champions P6 in the opening day of their Valanth’s League campaign. 

Thunder’s arrival in the Valanth’s League follows on from a 3rd place finish in the Anubis League over the summer and a 4th place finish in the MXL earlier in the year. Thunder’s new League of Legends roster are competing in Division One of the Valanth’s League - the highest level on offer. 

Game one of the best of three match against P6 saw Thunder select Aatrox, Volibear, Orianna, Jinx and Lulu in the draft, while P6 opted for Sivir, Trundle, Silas, Sejuani, and Blitzcrank. 

While Thunder got themselves in front after an early invade went the team’s way, P6 took control in the mid-game and pushed home the advantage to end the game at the 25-minute mark. 

A win in the second game of the match would secure P6 a match victory, so Thunder were fighting to stay in the battle and force the match to a third and final deciding game. 

For game two, Thunder drafted Fiora, Udyr, Sandra, Ezreal and Yuumie as their team composition, while P6 opted for Twitch, Kennen, Irelia, Wukong, and Amumu. A dominant display from the league’s reigning champions saw them lead from start to finish and claim victory in short order. 

Speaking about the match, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “This is still a fairly new group who’ve come together to make this roster happen so it’s early days, we can all see the potential there, and they’re a good group too… it’s just about realising that potential. 

“To start against the reigning champions in a new league is always going to be tough, but in game one I thought we stood up to them fairly well. We’ll come together and push on from here - we’ll be back stronger in week two!”