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Magical Thunder Beat Wizards in Scrim

Ahri League of Legends Champion

Team Norse Thunder produced a magical performance as they beat Wizard’s Guild on Saturday night with a clean 2-0 victory in their latest scrim outing. 

The scrim was the first official match for Thunder’s new flagship roster after contracts had been confirmed for the group, and followed on from their 2-0 victory last weekend against Red Redcaps

In the opening match of the best of three, Thunder selected Ahri, Braum, Trundle, Miss Fortune and Kindred into Wizards’ picks of Ornn, Sona, Tristana, Jarvan IV, and Akshan. 

A solid, patient performance that focused on executing a game plan saw Thunder take victory to open up the series with a combined 19/9/22 against 9/19/18. They also finished the game with a 7k gold lead. 

Both teams went into game two knowing that a Thunder victory would secure the match, and Wizards picked Diana, Ahri, Blitzcrank, Samira, and Poppy as their composition to fight their way back with. Meanwhile, Thunder opted for Caitlyn, Lux, Xin Zhao, Corki, and Jax. 

Thunder started the match brilliantly: when a 4-0 lead was earned inside less than two minutes, the writing felt like it was very much on the wall. Wizard’s had attempted an invade, but a clever counter saw Thunder get their noses in front and from there, they never really looked back.

The second game in the best of three ended in Thunder’s favour with a combined KDA of 25/6/41 against 6/25/7 and with a 15k gold difference, though Wizards made some solid plays that kept gave them hope in patches.   

Speaking about the victory, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “This is another step along the way to showing just what this roster can do. I thought they were solid, patient and played really cleanly too. It was all about having a game plan and staying focused on it. 

“We’re heading towards the first TAL split in really good form, so I’m hoping we keep this going to take some good momentum into the split. Things look bright just now so we’re focused on keeping this going. I’m excited for it to start to test ourselves in a competitive format and hopefully, we can make something happen from there.”