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Thunder Storm to 2-0 Scrim Victory

Team Norse Thunder stormed to a 2-0 victory over Red Redcaps in a best of three scrim last night as the team gears up for their upcoming competitive split.

Red Redcaps, Thunder’s sister team, beat Thunder’s GB-based roster last time the two teams met, but fortunes were reversed this time around. 

In game one between the two teams, RRC selected Gangplank, Twitch, Xilean, Samira, and Yummi as they started the match on the blue side of the map, while Thunder opted for Lee Sin, Xayah, Rakan, Irelia, and Corki. 

Thunder executed their game plan perfectly in game one and secured a 7k gold lead within 15 minutes and closed out the game within 25 minutes. A solid performance from RRC’s support kept them in the game for longer than it initially looked like they would be, but ultimately Thunder earned the win having gone a combined 23/5/44. 

Game two saw RRC take Lux, Jhin, Morgana, Trundle, and Mordekaiser while Thunder selected Viego, Samira, Nautilus, Akali, and Wukong.

RRC needed to win to keep the tie alive and force a game three, but it wasn’t to be. Thunder pushed to victory, again within 25 minutes after executing the game plan with supreme efficiency. with a combined 25/6/37 KDA against RRC’s 6/25/10. 

Speaking about the victory, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “I thought we looked really good across the map last night and the work the team has been putting in came off. We’re in probably the strongest position we’ve been in as a roster. 

“There’s some work going on behind the scenes because the MXL - the competition our rosters normally compete in - has imploded but we’ll be ready for a split in the TAL starting soon.” 

Meanwhile, Team Norse Thunder’s Head Coach, Alastair Fan said: “I was impressed by the team’s performance yesterday. It was their first scrim together and they weren’t nervous and executed game plans and coordinated well in team fights to get us the win.

It’s a win that [will] boost our team’s confidence and shows everyone what we can do. We will keep improving and we will show people more [of] what we are capable of!”