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Unite Program Grows with Team Black Launch

Pokemon Unite Splash Art

Team Norse Thunder's Pokemon Unite program has welcomed a new roster to its set up, with Team Blaze being absorbed into the organisation. 

Thunder’s Pokemon Unite rosters are currently competing on the world championship qualifying circuit for the 2023 showpiece event, while the roster formally known as Team Blaze took their first competitive steps earlier this year. 

Team Blaze are a Reading-based esports organisation which has competed across a number of gaming titles, but it’s Pokemon Unite roster has faced up against established Thunder rosters in scrims over the past year. The newly announced deal sees the now Team Black operating under the Team Norse Thunder banner. 

Speaking about the launch of Team Black, Team Norse Thunder's Dave Scotford said: “Pokemon has been a huge part of my life as a gamer and has always been a good part of what we do at Thunder as well. It’s great to see our program expanding as we strive to play among the world’s best - and we’re getting there step by step. 

“The launch of Team Black is a great step for us as an organisation. Team Red and Team Yellow - the two rosters we already have - are progressing well and adding Team Black to the set up is exciting, and helps keep us focused on what we’re set out to achieve.” 

Meanwhile, Team Black’s captain, ProjectR, said: “We have know each other for years [and] we started playing casually and hoping to compete in competitive [levels of play, and] to now been given the amazing opportunity to join Team Norse Thunder as Team Black brings us joy. We’re looking forward to working with them. 

“When we first went against Team Norse Thunder, we lost but we never gave up… it inspired us to become as good as them. Now we are a part of them and we can't wait to see what opportunities will arise from being a part of the community.

“We are grateful for the chance to make our dreams a reality. We can't wait to improve as a team and learn a new style with tips from everyone, and one day we could become the best we can be with the help of Team Norse Thunder.”