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Thunder Victory in Scrim Shows Progress

WildRift Champions

Team Norse Thunder tasted WildRift victory for the first time last night as they beat Spain's RavenWolf Esports 2-0 in a best of three scrim, before going on to take the clean sweep in the dead rubber third game. 

Game one saw Thunder set up with Malphite, Ziggs, Olaf, Varus and Nami while RavenWolf opted to go with Camille, Ahri, Jarvan, Xayah and Leona. 

A strong start from Thunder saw the team take the game's first dragon and secure two quick kills, while RavenWolf took the first tower in response. Thunder started to apply heavy pressure in the mid game and surged to a 15-2 lead, taking both Herald and Baron in the process. The latter stages saw RavenWolf defending to keep themselves in the game, but Thunder pushed through to earn victory. 

In game two Thunder set up with a team composition of Malphite, Yassuo, Serraphine, Sonia and Vi, while RavenWolf settled on Garen, Akali, Wukong, Kai'sa and Braum. 

The early stages saw Thunder capitalise on RavenWolf's Jungler being caught out in the open, collapsing in on them and taking two quick kills. Infernal Dragon was up first, and though it was contested, an impressive team fight saw Thunder stretch their lead to 8-1. With the Spanish team keen to engage in team fights, Thunder rose to the challenge and fought hard to earn a level of dominance before closing out the game as victors. 

Speaking about the result, and the team's progress, Team Norse Thunder's Dave Scotford said: "The scrim was all about seeing where we were at as a group and getting more game time under our belts. Some of the key things we've focused on since our last scrim really came together and worked out. That was great to see! 

"The team, and the whole squad, is coming on and I'm pleased with where we're at. It's a really good group who're stepping up as each week goes by. There's something really special here - it just needs nurturing and supporting." 

Up next for Team Norse Thunder's WildRift team is a best of three scrim against NoFear Gaming on 5th July before they head into the July Origin qualifiers later that week.