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Singapore Grand Prix Delivers Record Finish

F1 Esports Racing Car

Team Norse Thunder’s F1 Sim Racing roster are celebrating after securing their highest place finish this season at the Singapore Grand Prix at the weekend. 

xRedz, who races in the Amigos Racing Sunday Cup, joined Thunder earlier this summer and went on to post a 9th place finish in Austria and 8th place in Mexico in his first two races since. But this weekend saw him deliver a stellar performance to secure a 4th place finish on a notoriously difficult track and catapult himself up the championship standings as a result. 

xRedz had qualified in 14th place for the race in Singapore on Sunday, spinning dramatically across the line to record a time of 1:38.8 after pushing the car to its limits around the final corner. The qualifying lap was less than a second slower than the driver who earned 5th place on the starting grid. 

The opening lap of the race saw xRedz jump from 14th to 9th place before he then slowly reeled in other drivers over the next few laps to get himself into a comfortable 6th position. After a major crash brought the safety car out, xRedz found himself in the lead of a Grand Prix for the first time this season! 

The middle stages of the race saw half of the 20-strong field crash out which lead to multiple safety car outings. However, rather than cruise around the track knowing that championship points were secure, xRedz pushed on.

After another driver slammed into him, hope for a race win was dampened, though a post-race incident report is pending with a punishment decision resting with the league administrators. However, keeping a cool head and continuing to push his car, xRedz went on to secure a very well-earned 4th place. 

Speaking about the race, and the roster’s progress, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: "It was a brilliant race to watch from HQ - real and proper edge of your seat stuff and some seriously competitive racing. Singapore can be a bit of a rough track to race  - it’s tight and there’s very little margin for error. 

"xRedz has put in a heck of a drive and deserved the brilliant finish. He deserved more actually, but we'll see what comes with the incident report. Every lap felt like the car was being pushed and it’s paid off massively. He should be buzzing after that because it jumps him up the tournament standings too!

"It feels like everything's progressing really well with the roster. We should also give a shoutout to Richie who's with us helping to keep things on track with support for the driver and helping on the organisation side too!"