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LoL WildRift Patch Details Announced

Senna, The Redeemer - WildRift Champion

Riot has announced the details of the latest WildRift patch and significant changes are in-coming! New champions, skins, events, and buffs, nerfs, and a re-work have all been revealed.

As well as changes that affect gameplay, Patch 2.3B also brings with it a 4G and Wi-Fi dual-band connection option. Being able to connect to both 4G and a nearby Wi-Fi connection will help boost in-game connectivity for players - which can only be a plus!

Two New Champions

The champion pool on WildRift has always been smaller compared to the PC version of the game, but thankfully, that's starting to change! Lucian and Senna will become the newest champions to be introduced to WildRift and both will be released just after midnight (UTC) on 9th July this year.

Lucian, on the PC version at least, is quite a flexible champion. The Marksman is regularly used as an ADC, but is also a fine pick for both the mid and top lanes too. He has great wave clearing abilities and decent poke, while also having nice levels of mobility that keep him protected from engages.

Senna, also a Marksman, is a solid pick in either of the bot lane positions. She can heal and shield to keep teammates alive when the going gets tough as a support, but if she's being played as an ADC, she's able to dish out plenty on the offensive. There's a lot of late-game carry potential too!

True Damage Senna and Hired Gun Lucian are the two new skins that Patch 2.3B brings to the game.

Rammus WildRift Champion

Seven Champions Nerfed

The latest WildRift patch will see seven champions nerfed, while another faces an adjustment.

Fizz has been a solid pick in the jungle recently, but Riot has decided to tone things down a little. Before the nerf, he was granted a 200% bonus on Seastone Trident when attacking monsters, but that will now dip to 150%.

Meanwhile, Kha’Zix and Rammus are both on the receiving end of a nerf. Kha’Zix sees their base damage go from 65/100/135/170 down to 60/95/130/165, while Rammus' attack speed gained from taunting a target has also been downshifted.

Jinx's nerf is aimed squarely at her problematic ability to steal away objectives from junglers as they look to hit their Smite on time. Her ult damage against epic monsters has been capped at 500/600/800.

Meanwhile, some of the three strongest mid-lane picks have also been toned down, with Ziggs, Twisted Fate, and Katarina all seeing their base armor fall from 35 to 30.

The adjustment to Garen will probably be one of the most welcomed of all the changes that Riot has announced. When built full tank, Garen has been really far too strong and the changes will, hopefully, balance things out again. The base damage of Judgement is dropping from 15/20/25/30 down to 11/14/17/20, while the base damage of his ultimate goes from 150/300/450 down to 150/275/400. Garen's max damage output on epic monsters has been capped at 600/600/600.

Irelia Wildrift Champion

Four Champions are Buffed

Though seven champions have seen a nerf, four others have seen a much-needed boost - though one is potentially a little controversial.

It's fair to say that Draven hasn't had the best of times since the last patch was released, but Riot has stepped in to take action. The movement speed granted by Blood Rush has gone from 50/45/50/55% up to 50/55/60/65% while the cooldown time on Stand Aside has been reduced to 15s/14s/13s/12s.

Riven and Vayne have also been underperforming recently. To help balance things out, Riven's shield from Valor has been boosted from 95/135/175/215 to 105/145/185/225, while the cooldown on Vayne's ultimate has been reduced and her base damage on Silver Bolts has been pushed up.

Irelia was already relatively strong, but a buff means she gets even stronger! Changes have been made to her pretty much right across the board, so it's a brave new world for the Blade Dancer to explore.

Irelia's base mana regeneration has gone from 15 up to 18, while her healing against minions has also been buffed. The base damage of Blade Surge has gone from 10/40/70/100 to 15/45/75/105, Flawless Duet has gone from 70/120/170/220 to 100/150/200/250, and her ultimate has gone from 125/225/325 to 125/250/375.

Riven WildRift Champion

What Other Changes are Coming?

We've already talked through a lot of the changes, but there's yet more! 

The Second Wind rune has been nerfed to bring it into line with other resolve runes. Its passive flat health regeneration will go from 6 HP every five seconds to 5 HP every five seconds. 

Meanwhile, Smite's tooltip has been changed to show its mana regeneration property and Evelynn's ultimate tooltip shows it only deals bonus damage to other champions.

And, finally, if you're looking to get some reps under your belt with new champions before splashing out and buying them, the Free to Play Champion Pool can be a godsend. The pool is rotating! 

From 1st to the 7th July, Ahri, Camille, Kai'Sa, Olaf, Rakan, Renekton, Rengar, Sona, Varus, and Zed will enter the pool. From 8th to the 14th July, Akali, Fizz, Gragas, Jarvan IV, Jhin, Lulu, Soraka, Teemo, Tryndamere, and Vayne will take over the reins.