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Eric Enlow Named League of Legends Coach

Eric Enlow - League of Legends Coach

Eric Enlow has been named as the first coach of Team Norse Thunder's newly launched League of Legends esports division. The launch of the division sees the team expanding from its traditional base in trading card games and out into new territory in the world of esports. 

Eric, who is based in Alaska of the United States, coached at Red Maelstrom as his team competed in League of Legends clash events and community tournaments alike. Meanwhile, as a player, he has more than eight years of experience playing the game as a competitor on various different circuits. 

Speaking about the launch of the team's League of Legends program, Dave Scotford, Team Norse Thunder's owner, said: "We've started to build a track record in trading card games that sees our players qualifying for World Championships, and we're excited about bringing that to the world of esports. 

"League of Legends is arguably the biggest esport there is so this is a massive project for us, and a huge opportunity too. Having Eric on board to lead it is really exciting because he's a passionate, driven coach and we can't wait to see how he gets on."

Meanwhile, speaking about his appointment, Eric said: "The opportunity to build a program from the ground up so early in my esports career is exciting. Team Norse Thunder want to achieve things and are serious about what they're doing - we have a similar approach that will challenge each other. 

"Within a year, if I could freely dream, I want to see us be within the top six teams entering events to qualify for the recruitment circuit for the LCS. It's ambitious, but building a team of players who are seriously going after the top three in community tournaments is something we can do." 

The League of Legends program at Team Norse Thunder is currently open to players with a ranking of Plat 4 or higher who are committed to getting involved with the competitive scene of League of Legends. Anyone interested in applying should contact the team for application details.