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Phoebe Belfield - Player Profile

Phoebe Belfield - Team Norse Thunder Player

Phoebe is the newest member of Team Norse Thunder. She has a split role with the team which sees her working behind the scenes on our social enterprise project, while also competing in games herself. 

Having previously played at a high level in the Cardfight Vanguard trading card game world for another team, she has since moved onto mostly playing Pokemon TCG. Since joining Team Norse Thunder, Phoebe has built an incredible record of top ten finishes in every Pokemon TCG event she has played in. 

Before joining the team officially, Phoebe had spent time as a practice partner for her younger sister, Karys Belfield, who is also on the team's roster of players. In Pokemon TCG tournament play, she is well known for taking off-meta decks and finding a way to win! 

As well as her role with Team Norse Thunder, Phoebe also runs a handmade gaming accessory company - Roll Dice Roll, one of the team's sponsors and partners.

Phoebe Belfield's Playing Honours 

  • 25/08/20 - TCG Pokemon League Challenge (Telford) - 2nd Place
  • 22/02/20 - TCG Pokemon League Challenge (Stourbridge) - 2nd Place