Advisory Board

Team Norse Thunder’s advisory board plays a really important role in making sure we achieve our mission: beating social isolation and loneliness by using esports as a platform to bring people together. 

Alongside our staff, the advisory board uses their industry experience to help put us in the best possible position to meet the challenges we face and the opportunities we look to explore. The board’s key focus is ensuring that the staff are moving the business towards long term sustainability while keeping the light shining on our social cause. 

With experience spanning across sponsorship, broadcast, education, management, operations and many more, the board is a real asset to Team Norse Thunder. The board has a real, hands-on-role in how we make decisions and the actions that our management staff take - it isn’t just a talking shop of ideas.   

Advisory Board Members 

Sean Hooley
Acting Course Leader - Birmingham City University

Cameron Vanloo 
Esports Lecturer - Staffordshire University 

Morgan West 
Managing Director - West & Sterling

Caleb Wilmoth
Digital Marketing Specialist - Surf

Clarice Rose Bishop
Events Technician - SimStaff