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World Championship Grind Steps Up a Gear

With the 2020 Pokemon World Championships fast approaching, Team Norse Thunder's Karys Belfield is heading out on the road to boost her qualifying prospects. 

Having already earned 170 qualifying points this season, Karys needs at least another 80 to be assured of a place at the game's premier event. 

This year's championships are being held in London for the first time and is seen by the team as the goal for Kary's first competitive season playing Pokemon. 

Her road to the World Championships will include a trip to London for a League Challenge at Rule Zero and then Sheffield for a League Cup at Patriot Games - both this weekend.

Speaking about Kary's progress, Team Norse Thunder's owner, Dave Scotford said: "Karys is at events every Saturday and Sunday now for a good few weeks running, so she has been working hard in preparation.

"We're confident she'll earn the qualifying points that she needs and will fully deserve her place among the game's elite later this year."