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WildRift Patch 2.6: A Brave New World

Morgana League of Legends Champion in WildRift

New rewards, skins, and champions are heading to WildRift, and Riot Games has promised that players will have "new and exciting ways” to take down their enemies with the latest game update! 

Patch 2.6 is set to be officially released at midnight on 3rd December and excited players are getting ready to head into battle. While new champions are normally the most exciting part of any major patch, other changes are set to have a major impact - this really could be a brave new world for WildRift!

In today's blog, Dave takes a look at some of the main upcoming changes and also takes a deep dive into the two new champions. If you're looking for the full patch notes from Riot Games, they're available on their website.  

What's New? 

The relentless growth of WildRift's champion pool continues with the latest patch as two new champions are given their debut. Twin sisters Kayle and Morgana are the two new champions, but a major rework of Dr Mundo will make him feel like a new champion too (though I won't cover the re-work here). 

With a growing champion pool comes the opportunity for Riot Games to deliver on their promise to increase the number of bans per game from three champions to five... and they've done exactly that! 

For players that play ranked games, there's a whole new ranked rewards ladder - known as the Season Reward Track. The track will work in a similar way to the Wild Pass with players earning points each time they play ranked games and then given the chance to turn points into prizes. The season's glorious skin - the reward that was previously earned after winning ten ranked games - will now be earned on the Season Reward Track instead. 

Meanwhile, 16 new skins are set to be released throughout December with the majority either inspired by the Netflix Arcane series or the celebration of Crystal Rose... I'll be getting the new Lux skin for sure. For me though, the main changes to the game are the two new champions, so let's take a look at them! 

Kayle: The Judicator

Kayle is usually played in the top lane, but her versatility also make her a solid choice for the mid lane too. Meanwhile, Morgana will be very much at home played in the bot lane as a support. 

Kayle's four attacks are strong. Her passive, Divine Ascent, scales throughout the game, offering different bonuses depending on what level she is at any given point. Radiant Blast deals 60 magic damage and affected enemies are slowed for 2 seconds while their armour and magic resistance is also reduced.

Celestial Blessing heals Kayle and another allied champion and grants them movement speed and Starfire Spellblade powers up her next attack. Finally, Kayle's ultimate gives an allied champion invulnerability for 2.5 seconds. 

Morgana: The Fallen 

As s a support main, I'm quite excited about Morgana. Her passive heals herself for 20% of the damage that has been dealt with abilities to enemy champions, minions, and monsters. That's some serious healing power! 

Dark Binding fires a bolt of energy that roots an enemy for two seconds  and deals them damage, while Tormented Shadow curses an area of 5 seconds. The curse deals 8 magic damage to any enemies in the area every 5 seconds.

Black Shield pits a barrier around an allied champion for 5 seconds and can absorb up to 80 magic damage.  Finally, Morgana's ultimate chains together nearby enemy champions and deals them damage equal to 14% of their maximum health while also slowing them by 15% of their movement speed. That's not all though, because once the chain breaks after 3 seconds, chained champions are stunned for 1.5 seconds and take yet more damage!