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Victory for Thunder in VL Levels Record at 2-2

League of Legends Ahri Champion

Back-to-back Valanth’s League wins for Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends roster have moved them to a level record in their debut split together, while also propelling them to a three-match unbeaten run.

Thunder started out on their Division One campaign with two 2-0 defeats. The opening match of the split saw the roster face up against the league’s reigning champions, P6, before they then faced Ronin Myra.

However, last week’s 2-1 win against Garlic Bread Mafia and Thursday night’s 2-1 triumph over DSPAN has boosted confidence and brought Thunder’s campaign back on track. Before the triumph over Garlic Bread Mafia, Thunder also beat RedFox Esports in a friendly scrim which together with the two Valanth’s League wins, means the roster is on a three-match unbeaten run.

The opening game of the best of three match against this week’s opponents, DSPAN, saw Thunder pick Gwen, Javan IV, Ahri, Ashe, and Karma as their team composition, while DSPAN opted for Orrn, Vi, Galio, Caitlyn, and Morgana.

Thunder struggled to get a foothold in the game and DSPAN cantered to a deserved victory in just under 35 minutes. A near 9k gold lead separated the teams and KDAs were 10/20/24 to 20/10/59.

Going into game two, Thunder knew only victory would keep them in the contest while DPAN were just a win away from taking the match. In the pre-game draft, Thunder selected Aatrox, Hecarim, Ahri, Miss Fortune, and Rakan as their team while the opposition went for Darius, Vi, Cassiopeia, Lucian, and Braum.

A much better performance from Thunder in the second game helped them level the match at 1-1 with a solid victory in a little over 26 minutes. The match ended with DSPAN conceding with KDA scores at 19/7/36 and 7/19/12 respectively, while Thunder also held a 12k gold lead.

Just like in the match against Garlic Bread Mafia last week, Thunder were heading into a third and final deciding game knowing that the winner would take the match. For game three, Thunder selected Darius, Trundle, Viktor, Miss Fortune and Braum as their team, while DSPAN went for Mordekaiser, Sejuani, Ahri, Tristana, and Leona.

Almost as though it was a mirror opposite of game one, the third game saw DPAN struggle to assert themselves, and Thunder ran into an early lead - a lead they never looked in much danger of losing. The game ended with a Thunder victory inside 22 minutes, with KDA scores sitting at 24/9/55 and 9/24/23, and an 11k gold difference.

Speaking about the match, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “I think we deserved that win. We were set up to do the simple things… we didn’t really do that in game one, but in games two and three, we did them much, much better. Sometimes it’s the fundamentals that win you games and this match is probably a good example of that.

“Game one was rough, I think it would have been easy to see the match spiral from there, but fair play to our guys because they picked themselves up and changed things for the next two games. That would have taken a lot to dig deep, but we made it happen.”