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Solid Victory for Thunder in First LoL Scrim

League of Legends Champion in Battle

Team Norse Thunder returned to League of Legends action with a 2-1 victory against Team Haute on Wednesday night in a three-block friendly scrim. 

The scrim was the second time the team came together to compete, following on from a trial by fire appearance as a new roster just under two weeks ago in the LoL Powered by Dai tournament. 

Team Haute's roster, made up of diamond and platinum level players, posed a tough challenge for the team across the three games, but ultimately Thunder produced a solid performance to take the series. 

Team Norse Thunder took the opening two games, winning by focusing on a dragon-strategy in game one and then forcing a surrender in game two. 

Speaking about the victory, the team's coach, Eric Enlow said: "The scrims were an amazing turnaround from what we saw in our first tournament - our teamwork, communication, and understanding in the mid and later game have all improved to a level that allowed us to find success.

"The games were not without [things to work on], and yet despite that we came out on top with a 2-1 victory in our favour. For overcoming such disadvantages, I am proud of them. Once the full roster is locked in place, I am very confident that matches like that will become the norm."

Meanwhile, the team's owner, Dave Scotford said: "Coach and the team have been working hard behind the scenes and there's a real bond growing there. It's great to see them win and they performed well - we're looking forward to seeing how far they can go! 

"There are a couple of bits and pieces that we need to sort out from a roster point of view, but that's the same with any new team. It's just about finding the right fit for everyone going forward and we're not far off that now."