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Unite Program Steps Up a Gear with Wins

Pokemon Unite Game Play

This month has seen the Team Norse Thunder Pokemon Unite program take a giant leap forward as the organisation gears up for the upcoming Unite World Championship qualifying event. 

April has seen Team Red and Team Yellow - two of Thunder’s Pokemon Unite rosters - in action as they look to confirm their roster line-ups and get more competitive experience under their belts. 

Team Red played against Team Galaxy and Goal Ducks in their two scrims so far this month, while they also earned a 21-3 winning record in their practice sessions across the first three weeks of April. Team Red was beaten by Team Galaxy as they earned a clean sweep 3-0 victory, but they got back to winning ways with their own 3-0 win against PUCL-side, Goal Ducks. 

Meanwhile, Team Yellow earned back-to-back wins in their two scrims in April, with an impressive 2-0 win over Kimako at the start of the month which they followed with a 2-1 win over Bulbasoul this week.

Away from Red and Yellow, the Pokemon Unite program itself has been growing. Mid-March saw the addition of Team Black to the Thunder set-up, and April has then seen the soft launch of the organisation’s fourth roster - Team White - which offers a competitive home to more players. 

Speaking about the Pokemon Unite program, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “I think this has been coming for a little while now - the pieces have been in place for some time, and we know once things settled we’d be looking good. We’re not finished yet - we’re still honing some things, but we’ve taken a massive step forward recently.

Meanwhile, Ben Kershaw, who plays in the Pokemon Unite program, said: “The [last few] weeks have been very positive with an impressive win/loss ratio in five stacking and results in scrims, and we’re focused on carrying on our performances into the upcoming UCS qualifying event.

“It's still early days, but the first few weeks has got us all very excited for what the potential within this team might lead to… we’re all very excited for the future!”