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Tyler Stacy Appointed as New Unite Head Coach

Zoroark Pokemon Unite

Tyler Stacy has been unveiled as the new Head Coach of Team Norse Thunder’s flagship Pokemon Unite roster. The role is one that will see him lead the roster through the Unite Euro League and the soon-to-be-announced 2023 world championship qualifying events.

With upcoming tournaments in mind, Thunder recently added two new players to the roster, and the addition of the new Head Coach is being seen as another step towards competitive success.

Based in Texas, USA, Tyler becomes only the second American to lead a roster in Thunder’s esports program, and the first to lead a UK-based one.

Speaking about his new role, Tyler said: “I'm extremely excited and grateful to join Team Norse Thunder in their search for leadership. I have passionately dedicated my time in the Unite community to being doggedly competitive, a devoted teammate, and a friend to anyone looking to elevate their play.

“Working with truly dedicated players has already been such a gratifying experience. I'm looking forward stacking up our team against the best EU Pokemon Unite can throw at us.”

Meanwhile, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “This is a brilliant appointment for us - it has been a long process to find the right person to lead the team, but we’re really confident that we’ve found a gem. The way the players have responded to the sessions over the last week or - which was a bit of a trial period - has been brilliant and it has brought a new buzz around the group too.

“Obviously we’re really happy so we’re looking forward to seeing what the group can achieve together going into the new year and then into the upcoming world championship qualifying events. This is a group that wants to have a really good go at making the game’s biggest stage so as an org it’s on us to do what we can to help make that happen.”