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New Players Sign for Thunder Unite Roster

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Team Norse Thunder’s Pokémon Unite roster has welcomed two new players to their ranks as the team progresses towards the launch of the Unite Euro League. 

Kaos and Leech have both signed player contracts that tie them to Thunder for up to the next year and both are set to compete in the next round of world championship qualifiers and the upcoming UEL. Meanwhile, the roster has parted company with Lans - one of the longest-serving players on the roster after a lengthy period on the 'inactive roster' list. 

Thunder's Pokemon Unite roster recently competed in the Zapdos Graph Unite League. They made the playoffs in their debut competitive split together, but were knocked out after a 2-0 loss to one of the strongest teams in the league - PokeBros. 

Speaking about the roster’s new additions, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to develop the roster and the two new guys coming in are a big part of that. The quality they bring is really important as we step up another level. We make no secret of us wanting to get to worlds in 2023 - that's the mission here."

Kaos, one of the players joining the roster, said: “I'd been a Pokémon fan since first receiving a copy of Pokemon Yellow and have previously participated in the official VGC circuit, up until [the pandemic] put a stop to all in-person events. I decided to pick up Unite [and] I wanted to begin participating in Unite competitively after watching the world championships.

"I came across an opportunity to join Thunder on social media; the team has been extremely welcoming and we all seem to click well together. I'm looking forward to experiencing tournament success in the future!" 

Meanwhile, Leech, the other player joining Team Norse Thunder, said: "Thunder is an outstanding group of people, all on the same level, and I get to showcase my skill as part of [the roster]. I have found it very easy fitting in the team. I'm excited to compete in upcoming tournaments and matches."