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Thunder Win Freljord Cup in Clash Event

Rakan League of Legends

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends EU-based roster picked up a well-deserved trophy yesterday after going unbeaten in day one of the Freljord Cup. They earned a runners-up spot in the previous Clash event - The Ionia Cup - and the Freljord Cup victory is being seen as a step along the way to preparing for their upcoming MXL campaign. 

Thunder were competing in a tier two event and round one saw them facing up against Bing Chilling and selected Sejuani, LeBlanc, Ornn, Jinx and Nautilus in the draft. Meanwhile, the opposition selected Warwick, Swain, Kai’Sa, Zeri and Darius. A clean, dominant performance took Thunder to a 31-12 victory inside 35 minutes. 

Round two saw Thunder battle OSI Royal Blue - a platinum average team - and took victory in just over half an hour. OSI selected Karthus, Braum, Kai’Sa, Zed, and Tahm Kench, while Thunder drafted Sejuani, Lissandra, Gwen, Jinx, and Nautilus. OSI kept the game level for a while, but once Thunder got their noses in front they never really looked back and stormed to victory. 

The two back-to-back wins put Thunder into the final of the event, guaranteeing them at least a runners-up finish to match their previous Clash outing. Poggers Gaming and their Plat/Gold average ranked team stood between Thunder and their first tier two trophy. 

Poggers Gaming selected Nautilus, Vayne, Ashe, Veigar, and Sejuani in the draft, while Thunder opted for Trundle, Corki, Gnar, Xayah, and Rakan. 

The near 40 minute long final was a nail-biting affair, and when it came to an end, the scoreline sat at 25-26. Thunder were patient and boxed clever throughout the game and after a huge team fight in the jungle went their way, the team pushed to victory and earned a trophy in the process. 

Speaking about the team’s performance during the Clash event, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “The team were brilliant today, from start to finish. I think the final pretty much sums up how much progress they’re marking - they were patient, they had plan a, b, c… whatever they needed to find a way to get ahead and then press home that advantage. 

“We had someone new with us today on trial - AIS Exile - up in the top lane but they slotted in really well. Communication and team plays can be a bit off when it’s someone super new to the group, but that wasn’t the case this time. They came in and did a brilliant job.” 

Representing Team Norse Thunder in the Freljord Cup tier two event was: MyKey, Grin, AIS Exile, Sylvarwa and Algorim.