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Thunder Take the Title in Stunning Clash Debut

Orianna League of Legends

Team Norse Thunder's League of Legends team are celebrating after they won the Mount Targon Cup on Day 1 of this weekend's Clash event. The team went unbeaten on the day with an impressive combined score of 81-22.

The tournament was the team's debut in competitive League of Legends competition with each player also making their debut representing Team Norse Thunder. 

The first match of the event saw Thunder take the first kill before forcing an early concede from our opponents with the scoreline sat at 4-2. The early victory gave the team plenty of time to relax before their second match with a fun game of Skribbl.io squeezed in.  

The second match saw Thunder take on Losable with Thunder opting for a team composition of Sejuani, Nautilus, Jhin, Orianna and Kayle. Meanwhile, our opponents selected Rammus, Veigar, Seraphine, Dr. Mundo and Vayne. Effectively a semi-final, the winner of the match would see themselves safely into the final and competing for the title. 

Thunder followed up on taking the first kill in the first match by doing it again in the second, but Losable looked to disengage and scale and so went on to take objective after objective. However, it wasn't long before Thunder kicked on to earn a 20-10 lead and then pushed further ahead to 25-11. With turrets across the map falling to Thunder pressure, the game ended at 37-13 with the style really turned up a notch.  

The third and final match of the event put Thunder within touching distance of a trophy, but another unbeaten team, Camer, stood in our way.  

Thunder struck early to claim the game's first blood again, but the opening five minutes saw the game even at 2-2 with Camer pushing the bot lane hard. However, after absorbing the pressure, pushing back across other lanes, and some superb ganks from the jungle, Thunder began to edge ahead. 

Thunder took the game's first Baron Nasher with the score sat at 29-7 in our favour, then knocked down a series of turrets that fell like dominoes. Camer fought to defend their inhib and then the nexus, but the game had already gone and Thunder took the win with a score of 38-7.  

Representing Team Norse Thunder at the Clash event was: 

- Top: Xepherr (GBR)
- Jungle: MyKeyIsList (GER)
- Mid: Sylvari Flames (IRQ)
- ADC: Trashraka (GBR)
- Support: Dydaa (GBR)

Speaking about her experience with the team so far, Emily Dixon, who played as the team's ADC said: "Playing with Team Norse Thunder is a great experience. The synergy that we all have together is unmatched as can be seen in the victory of our first Clash. And not only are we professional when playing, but there is a fun factor that cannot be achieved when playing with any other teammates." 

Meanwhile, the team's Mid Laner, Arwa Hameed, said: "Being part of Team Norse Thunder has been of great honour [for] me. Participating in the Mount Targon Clash Cup was an amazing experience to test out [mine] and the team's skills. Even though the team has recently been set up, the amount of synergy and communication we have is outstanding. 

"As a start with this fantastic team, the Clash victory is only the beginning of many other great achievements. This Clash experience made me excited to see how our team would perform in scrims and hopefully tournaments in the future!"

Looking back on his experience watching on from the sidelines, Team Norse Thunder's owner, Dave Scotford, said: "I couldn't be more proud of the players. Thunder has always been about bringing people together to play games and have fun, and this group is exactly that.

"They've made their own little bit of Team Norse Thunder history: winning Clash on their competitive debut, winning it undefeated at 3-0, and taking the first kill in every game. Thunder has been around for a while, but sitting back and watching them play on Saturday was one of my favourite moments!"