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Thunder Storm to Another Clash Trophy

Kat League of Legends Champion

Team Norse Thunder's League of Legends roster stormed to victory this weekend as they won the Ixtal Cup in the latest instalment of the Clash tournament series. 

Saturday's triumph saw the team earn just their second ever Clash title after an unbeaten 3-0 score across the day carried them home. 

The tournament opened with a 50 minute nail-biting thriller against Naganeg before a back-and-forth match against Enjoyers also went Thunder's way. The final match saw Thunder beat Lohai with a dominant performance built on teamwork and clever plays across the map. 

Day two of the tournament, held on Sunday, gave the team a chance to win back-to-back titles for the first time, but an opening round defeat against HuhIDK saw Thunder placed into the consolation bracket. However, the team rallied and won their final two games against ARC and MAG to earn a solid 2-1 record. 

The weekend's performance comes hot on the heels of Max Ward being named as the team's new Head Coach after a two month long trial period was judged as a resounding success. 

Speaking about the team's latest Clash success, the team's owner, Dave Scotford said: "I couldn't be happier. The team have worked really, really hard over the last few weeks and months and that's really paying off.

"We're finding ways to win games when before, we might not have got there. I'm really proud of them for that. Finding a way to win when your back is against the wall is a massive skill. 

"I'm really happy for them. I've said it time and time again, but this group is really special and all their hard work is paying off. I'm really happy for them... they deserve it."