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Thunder Earn Runners-Up Spot in Clash Event

League of Legends Champion Quinn

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends team battled hard as they earned a runners-up spot in Day 4 of The Void Cup on Sunday evening. The latest instalment of League’s Clash series saw the team come within one match of claiming their second grand final win. 

Thunder stepped out onto the Rift for round one with a team comp of Kayn, Jhin, Morgana, Akshan, and Kennen. Meanwhile, the opposing team, Inters, lined up with Seraphine, Lillia, Sivir, Ekko, and Trundle. 

A huge early play saw Thunder take the game’s first blood thanks to a well-timed bot lane gank, and the game’s first dragon quickly followed. The early advantage began to tell as Thunder raced to a 16-8 lead and despite a valiant comeback attempt from Inters, Thunder pushed on to apply real pressure across the map. 

With team fights going Thunder’s way in the mid lane twice in just a couple of minutes, Inters were defending to stay in the game. After Nasher fell uncontested, Thunder knocked over the inhib towers in the mid and top lane, and from there, a round one victory was sealed. 

Round two saw Thunder face up against Lolsito Criminal knowing that the winner of the match would secure a place in the final. The tone of the game was very much set after Thunder took the game’s first blood and then a second kill in quick succession before the game’s first dragon was taken too. 

After a very solid laning phase, Thunder took another dragon and then started to pick off enemy champions with great teamwork and communication underpinning superb, tactical plays. With a little under 17 minutes on the clock and the score at 16-5 in Thunder’s favour, Lolsito Criminal conceded the game, handing Thunder the victory and a well-earned spot in the final. 

The third and final round of the tournament saw Thunder facing up against Cadoch Lovers. The pre-game stats showed that the opposition team had only played 26 games between them, so it looked very much like higher level players on smurf accounts had found their way into the T4 Clash event.

Thunder selected a team comp of Sejuani, Draven, Amumu, Seraphine, and Quinn, while Cadoch Lovers opted for Jinx, Leona, Beezahar, Yorick, and Kayn. 

Cadoch Lovers raced to a 3-0 lead in the opening few minutes of the game, but Thunder showed real grit as they dug in and battled hard. A bot lane gank put Thunder back in the game, but the opposing team showed real class as they pushed across the map. With the score at 11-24, Thunder’s inhib towers began to fall and the game slipped away. 

Speaking about the event, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “I’m really proud of how the team played - they did brilliantly and they should be really happy with how they did as individuals and as a team too. It was great to watch!

“The communication was first class throughout and team fights were a real highlight too. I thought they were brilliant across the whole event and were probably a bit unlucky not to go on and win it all. That’s League of Legends for you though - it happens. 

“There's some exciting stuff going on for the team over the next few weeks so it's going to be fun to watch that unfold. It'll kick us on another notch and they'll push on as a group too."