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Thunder Earn Impressive World’s Clash Finish

Team Norse Thunder play in League of Legends Event

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends roster performed brilliantly across the third and fourth days of the World’s Clash event to finish with a 6-2 winning record over the weekend.

Despite opening both days with a defeat, the team showed just how important having a positive mental approach is as they staged a comeback to finish each day without dropping another game. 

Day three saw Thunder lose out to HardStuck Iron in the opening game, but went on to beat Never Surrender, Mullemeck Bap, and then Nidavellir in back-to-back-to-back victories. 

Then, on day four, the final day of the World’s Clash event, Team Nakama won the opening game, but Thunder went on to beat EU Copium and Brigada and were also given a bye against an opponent who withdrew from the tournament. 

Speaking about the team’s performance, Thunder’s owner, Dave Scotford said: “They were brilliant. It would have been all too easy to fold after a rough opening game on both days, but they stormed back and beat everyone in front of them after that. That takes a lot of heart. 

“I think we won games over the weekend that maybe we wouldn’t have in weeks gone by. The group is coming on leaps and bounds… it’s lots of little things that are improving, but they’re all having a massive impact. They really dug in deep and ground out victories. 

“I keep banging on about the ability in the group - and there really is - but how they play as a together five is actually pretty special. There’s a real fun factor that underlines everything and that helps it all come together.”