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Thunder Beat Blaze in Dominant Unite Scrim

Pokemon Unite Characters

Team Norse Thunder’s Pokemon Unite roster took on fellow British esports organisation Team Blaze in a friendly scrim earlier this week and put on a solid display to win the match 2-0.

The match was played just a day or so after the game’s new map launched and hours after the emergency nerf to Mr Mime and adjustments to other Pokemon too, so both teams were using it as a way to test the game’s new environment.

Game one of the match saw Thunder select Greninja, Delphox, Mr Mime, Machamp, and Absol as their team composition, while Team Blaze opted for Absol, Slowbro, Glaceon, Blissy, and Talonflame. In what was an impressive team performance, Thunder took victory in game one with a score line of 848-91 after dominating the game’s key objectives.

Thunder went into the second game knowing that victory would secure a match win. The team made a single change to the team composition that they selected for game one, swapping Machamp for Trevenant, while the opposition picked Lucario, Zeraora, Gengar, Mr Mime, and Tyranitar.

In an early display of wanting to try and take the initiative and catch Thunder by surprise, Team Blaze sent all their players into the top lane for the opening skirmish, but after settling down, Thunder exploited a free bot lane before the opposition returned to a normal strategy. The game ended with a victory for Thunder with a score line of 1249-190, a result that secured a 2-0 victory for Thunder.

After the match, the team voted for Tano as Thunder’s MVP. Representing Team Norse Thunder in the scrim were: Lans, Tano, Tunak, Tiny, Karys, Gioooo, and UIJakeIU.

Speaking about the scrim, and the roster’s progress, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “Tonight showed that we’ve got strength in depth as a squad - seven players across the games played and everyone put a real shift in. That was the complete team performance to be honest… comms were rocking, everyone played their part, and we got a good result too.

“The roster’s really coming on, step by step by step we’re starting to turn things up a notch and that’s really good to see. They’re a great group and now it’s just a case of someone coming in to lead things from a coaching perspective. They’re a group that I think deserves some success and so we’re keen to bring someone in to help make that happen.”