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Team Norse Thunder Make WildRift Debut

League of Legends WildRift Team

Team Norse Thunder battled hard in their debut WildRift scrim last night, but ultimately slipped to a 2-0 defeat against their opponents, Pentacopium, in a best of three match up. 

Game one saw Pentacopium build a team composition of Evelynn, Garen, Jinx, LuLu, and Galio, while Team Norse Thunder went with Amumu, Malphite, Janna, Diana, and Ezreal. An even opening period saw Pentacopium take first blood, but Thunder kept a foothold in the game by winning an impressive teamfight. However, Pentacopium pressed home their advantage in the mid game and eventually took the win with a 18-7 score.

Game two then saw Pentacopium's composition bring together Fiora, Orianna, Jinx, LuLu and Rammus, while Team Norse Thunder selected Ahri, Kai'Sa, Vi, Renekton and Janna. Despite taking the first dragon of the game, Thunder were somewhat overwhelmed as their opponents put in a strong performance. 

Representing Team Norse Thunder in last night's scrim were:

  • Top: Crunchie
  • Mid: Senpaihakob
  • Jungle: JLagz
  • ADC: Juntaily
  • Support: Chocopie

Speaking about the newly launched team, Team Norse Thunder's Dave Scotford said: "Last night was all about getting more game time under the belt and everyone battled hard. The group has only been together for a couple of weeks, but they've started to build a good foundation... there's a lot of potential here. It's exciting.

"I'm really pleased, to be honest. WildRift is a game we've wanted to grow a team in a for a while and to have such a good group of people getting involved is a great thing. There's a nice feel around the group, which is always a plus as well. 

"As an organisation, we'll be putting a lot of support and work into this team, and WildRift. We really believe there's something here and we can't wait to see how far everyone goes together."