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Riot’s New League Client Set for Rollout

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Riot Games are preparing to release the latest rework of its League of Legends client and announced that the global rollout will get underway over the coming weeks. The company also teased future updates that are set to make playing the game easier and more rewarding. 

In today's blog post, Team Norse Thunder's League of Legends player Emily Dixon takes a closer look at Riot's official release statement, updated client features, and the rollout schedule. 

Update Incoming 

In the official announcement, Riot Games said that they are working on the tail-end pieces of the new client and Liz La Londe, one of Riot's marketing team, said the rollout was due 'over the coming weeks'. 

Since Riot released League of Legends back in 2009, the company has gone on to release other smash hit games - Teamfight Tactics, WildRift, and Valorant are just a couple of examples. 

With the new titles all being added to the old client as they came out, it became a little lacklustre and struggled to keep pace with developments. Riot's new client is supposed to provide a sleeker appearance and take up less space on its players computers. Will it deliver? 

What's New? 

Following along with a similar design pattern to other games clients like Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and EPIC Games, Riot's updated client will still house all of their games in one place. Each game will still have its own cinematic backgrounds and news sections, but work is being put into the navigation functionality to help make it easier for players to use. 

The new client upgrade is set to be released in a quite simple way: players don't have to do anything special, they just need to update their client and the work is done... like magic! 

The updated client is set to begin rolling out from 20th September 2021 and it's expected that all players will have access to it by 4th October. The staggered approach will mean bugs and issues can be reported and fixed on the fly as it's opened up to more and more people. 

Riot's statement that announced the client also said that the 'client team [were] working hard on features for after the launch that will make it easier and more rewarding to play.' With more updates being hinted at, it's a promising concept that all League of Legends players will be looking forward to!