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Preparations for MXL Step Up with Scrim

Arcade Miss Fortune - League of Legends

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends team saw their preparations for the upcoming MXL split step up another level as they took part in their first scrim. 

Sunday evening saw Thunder’s main roster go up against the community team in battle on the rift, and it was the main roster who earned victory with a 2-0 result. 

Game one saw the roster select Talon, Kench, Neeko, Draven, and Soraka to go up against the community’s picks of Urgot, Galio, Jarvan IV, Caitlyn, and Morgana. 

Game two then saw the roster pick Miss Fortune, Malphite, Morgana, Orianna, and Sejuani, while the community team opted for  Talon, Cho’Gath, Ekko, Kai’Sa, and Karma. 

Speaking about the in-house scrim, Team Norse Thunder’s director, Dave Scotford, said: “This was a brilliant night for the teams and it brought everyone together - it was a real highlight of the week for me. 

“We wanted to give our main roster a challenge beyond Clash events so they could get a feel for what the MXL will be like. Meanwhile, for our community guys, it was a great taster of what competition is like. 

“Across both teams we have a brilliant group of people so it was great to get them all together, playing some very hard fought games, and then spending time together afterwards too.”