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Pokemon Unite Roster to Bid for Worlds

Pikachu from Pokemon Unite

Team Norse Thunder’s Pokemon Unite roster are set to begin their world championship qualifying campaign this weekend as they make their debut in competitive play. 

The Unite world championships were announced in February and the qualifying circuit brings together teams from across the world to battle it out for a place at the game’s premier event. More than $1m in prize money is up for grabs during the qualifying events and the grand final combined, while thousands of fans will tune in live along the way. 

Team Norse Thunder’s entry into Pokemon Unite as a title has been a steady build as an initial group of players came together around six months ago, though a couple of additions have been made since then as a more solid roster formed. The roster now comes together twice a week for practice sessions as their preparations for a bid at world championship qualification stepped up. 

The latest instalment of the qualifying event series will run over the weekend of the 12th and 13th March, and representing Team Norse Thunder in this weekend’s competition will be SkiNl3Y, KingCostly, Tiny, ScrubGames and Karys. 

James Skinley, one of the players on the Thunder Pokemon Unite roster said: “I think [things] have been going excellently! We’ve all been putting in the time and working hard and we have solid players on our squad. I’m hyped for the tournament so we can really put ourselves to the test and push ourselves beyond!” 

Meanwhile, one of the founding members of the roster, Megan Reynolds said: “I feel like as a team we have knuckled down and put in a lot of work, and the guys are great! I am looking forward to see it all come together and hopefully getting a good result!”