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New Hearthstone Roster Line-Up Announced

Bram Deppenbroek - Hearthstone Coach

Team Norse Thunder has announced a shake-up of its Hearthstone roster with the new-look line-up, marking the first changes since the division launched last year. Bram Deppenbroek has been named as the division's first coach while Phoebe Belfield has stepped up to become the lead player. 

Bram has an impressive track record as a player, achieving a runners-up finish at the ESG Grand Finals and a top 8 at the Dutch Nationals, as well as winning a glut of community-level tournaments too. Having previously reached top 500 Legends status, his role with Team Norse Thunder is his first as a coach. 

Meanwhile, Phoebe's gaming career started as a Cardfight! Vanguard player for another team before she moved to join Team Norse Thunder as a Pokemon TCG player. Her first season saw her put together a brilliant run of finishing in the top ten of every event she played in while also winning a couple of events too. With Pokemon's competitive play scene suspended for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the switch to Hearthstone sees Phoebe able to compete in a competitive title. 

Speaking about the new look Hearthstone division, Team Norse Thunder owner Dave Scotford said: "Phoebe has been playing the game competitively for about two seasons and to go from nothing to Diamond in that time shows there's a lot of potential there.

"Phoebe has done brilliantly playing Pokemon for us, but Hearthstone has quickly become something she has really enjoyed too. We're excited to see how far she can go - especially now she's working side by side with Bram. 

"As well as a really good resume as a Hearthstone player, Bram has been in and around the team's community for a little while, and so we're happy he has joined the staff. He's a great player and clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the game."