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Management Team for LoL Roster Confirmed

Ryan Northcott - League of Legends

Team Norse Thunder has appointed a new management team to lead its League of Legends program as the roster prepares for the upcoming VAL split. Ryan Northcott and Joosua Koivula - known as Xepher and Praes respectively in-game - have been named as Thunder's new Team Manager and Head Coach. 

The new staff members will be working together as the team's League of Legends roster gets set for their first split together in Division 1 of the Valanth’s League. The new-look roster began life brightly earlier this month when they won the Zaun Cup in their debut outing in competitive play. 

Xepher originally joined Team Norse Thunder in July 2021 as a player on the team’s first EU-based League of Legends roster. Just a few days after officially coming on board, he was a part of the team who won the Mount Targon Cup. However, changing commitments outside of esports means he has transitioned from player to manager. 

Meanwhile, Praes started coaching in 2020 when he joined a Prime League Division 4 team before he moved on to coach both the academy and main rosters at Arctic Kings Green. While at AKG he lead the team as they won a league championship in the LCFI before he landed a position with NLC Division 4 side XAL Esports where he repeated the promotion feat. 

Speaking about his new position with Team Norse Thunder, Xepher said: "I've been blown away by how well this team has done in the short amount of time they've been together. Everything has fallen into place so nicely and knowing we've got such a talented squad I can't wait to see how far we can go with this.

"To go from a player and now to a manager, there's pressure to make sure we have the right things in place, but it's been so smooth and so relaxing from everyone… it's so exciting to see how far we can go from here!"

Meanwhile, speaking about the appointments, Dave Scotford said: “Xepher has been with us for a long while now and has been a real big part of the journey we’ve been on. Praes is new to our organisation, but he's made a really good first impression - we're obviously really happy to have them both on board. 

"They both played a really important role in bringing the squad we have together earlier this summer and it’s been good to have them around the camp and supporting the players. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together!"