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LoL Restructure Sets Thunder Up for Success

Yummi League of Legends Champion

Team Norse Thunder's League of Legends program has been revamped as the org looks towards success in The Anubis League while widening participation opportunities for players across the UK and beyond.  

The rapid expansion has seen Thunder go from one roster to three in the space of a little under a month, with the new academy and community rosters set up to support the org's main roster. That means more than 20 players will represent Team Norse Thunder with more players set to join up in the coming weeks. 

All of Team Norse Thunder's League of Legends rosters will be competing in The Anubis League's debut split which gets underway on 1st June. The community-level League of Legends competition will be bringing together teams from across Europe to compete in a way that focuses on building a strong, non-toxic community. 

As well as The Anubis League, internal competitions are running in a bid to bring more people together and create a bond that bridges across the different rosters. 

Speaking about the restructure, Team Norse Thunder's Dave Scotford said: "There has been a lot of work going in behind the scenes to help make this happen and there's a massive amount of credit due to both Alastair and Alex - our two coaches - who have helped make it all happen. I think we're in a really strong position now. 

"Our League of Legends program is the cornerstone of our teams, so it was really important that we got this right. It's never easy setting up new rosters and there are always some tough decisions when it comes to roster slots, but we're now geared up to give more people more opportunities to play. 

"We've now got lots of work to do on getting hold of a new batch of team jerseys and then getting lots of new photos done with the players and the backroom staff, but that's one of the exciting parts of what we do!"