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Hearthstone Minion Cup Set to Launch

A new Hearthstone competition is set to launch in a bid to bring up and coming European players together in a weekly league. 

Sponsored by Roll Dice Roll, the Minion Cup will limit deck-building options to the Standard format and also bar the use of Legendary and Epic rarity cards. 

Starting in March 2020 on the EU server, players will battle it out in a bid to be crowned as the inaugural champion. The player line up will be announced at a later date, though the entirety of the Team Norse Thunder roster will be taking part as well as 'outside' players.  

Weekly fixtures will be announced on Sunday nights - approx 18:00 GMT - with players playing out their best of three matches during the following week. Matches will later be released as a VOD via YouTube, so fans will be able to follow their favourite players' progress. 

To stay up to date with the event, use the hashtag #HSMinionCup on social media.

Roll Dice Roll makes handmade gaming accessories and also runs casual and competitive trading card game events across Birmingham - the UK's second city. To find out more about them, visit their Facebook profile or follow them on Twitter.