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Double Freljord Cup Success for Thunder

Miss Fortune League of Legends

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends players are celebrating after lifting not one but two trophies during the Freljord Cup event that ran over the weekend. 

Saturday evening saw Thunder’s EU-based roster go unbeaten to finish in first place in the tier two edition of the Clash tournament while the GB roster competed in tier four, winning twice and losing once to claim 5th place.

With the EU roster taking a well-earned break on the second day of the competition, Thunder’s GB roster stepped into the limelight.

After being placed in tier four, the GB roster was paired up against Bene Ist Vater in the opening round. Thunder selected Miss Fortune, Alistair, Kennen, Zeri and Volibear in the draft while the opposition settled on Xerath, Caitlyn, Nocturne, Viktor and Pantheon. 

Thunder pushed ahead in the early game and never really looked troubled throughout the match, and somewhat coasted to victory. Winning round one meant that the team needed to win their next game to earn a place in the final and get a shot at lifting the trophy, but standing in their way was JUL Pepeno. 

JUL Pepeno, a silver ranked team, dominated the majority of the early stages of the game and then pressed home their advantage as the match progressed. However, it didn’t all go their way as Thunder stabilised and then found and exploited the smallest of chinks in the oppositions’ armour to win the match.  

Moving onto the final, Thunder were drawn to face HeySirii with both teams knowing that victory would see them win the Freljord Cup. In the draft HeySirii selected Pantheon, Jinx, Ekko, Xin Zhao and Fiora while Thunder opted for Miss Fortune, Zyra, Cho’Gath, Zeri and Viego. 

Much like the opening game of the tournament, Thunder found themselves in the lead fairly early on and just kept pushing further and further in front until there was no way back for HeySirii. Victory in the final saw the GB roster winning back-to-back-to-back games for the first time in their new-look lineup, and sets a benchmark for the team to strive for. 

Representing Team Norse Thunder in Sunday’s tournament was: Trashraka, Dydaa, Xepherr, Arceus, and Tristanaa Abuser.  

Speaking about the team’s triumph, Team Norse Thunder’s Dave Scotford said: “I’m really proud of how both of the rosters played over the weekend - they were brilliant and showed so much of the progress that they’ve been making over the last few weeks. 

“Clash is always a great weekend and one I always look forward to, but winning two trophies over a weekend makes it just that bit more special. The roster is taking good steps forward and that’s great to see!”