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Cloud 9's Sneaky Wows with Ahri Cosplay

K/DA All Out Ahri - League of Legends Champion

Zach ‘Sneaky’ Cuderi has once again captured the attention of the League of Legends community as he revealed his latest cosplay effort. Posting on his twitter account yesterday, the pro player showed off his take on K/DA All Out Ahri.  

Best known for Dark Elementalist Lux, Pizza Delivery Sivir, and his own creation of Star Guardian Urgot, the former Cloud 9 star has an impressive repertoire. But, in today's blog post, Team Norse Thunder's League of Legends player Emily Dixon takes a look at Sneaky's latest work. 

Design and Creation

This high-class form of costume wear is by no means a single man mission. Sneaky's long term partner, Esther Lynn, helps him to create and design all the props and costumes and is on makeup duty too. Being a professional cosplayer herself, the tools and equipment to create such convincing look-a-likes are all already ready to be pressed into action. 

The overall aesthetic of the K/DA skins have always been a fan favourite amongst the League of Legends community, and Sneaky's efforts have more than paid hommage to them. A cursory glance gives away the fact that it's Ahri, but there's a level of detail and effort here that means only a keen eye could have put it all together. 

Ahri's K-pop inspired skin, infamous furry ears, and Kumiho inspired nine tails have all been blended together cleverly to create a perfect interpretation of the mid lane champion. Looking at the closer details of the cosplay's shoulder piece and small gems on the sleeve, the thought and effort levels have clearly been high, as even the spikes have been counted and matched. Not even a well seasoned fan could complain! 

Fan Reception

With the focus of Sneaky's costume design settling on female champions, there has been a mixed bag of reviews from his audience. However, the overwhelming majority has been positive. 

The well greeted cosplays have always provided fans with a smile, a laugh, or simply something to look forward to in the sometimes-frustrating culture that League of Legends can play host to. With fans guessing what character will be next, one thing that can be sure is that Sneaky will always provide a level of detail that no other esports player could bring… with a sprinkling of confusion thrown in there too. 

Fellow Team Norse Thunder League of Legends player Harry Kent said: "My initial reaction was who’s this, but he’s got it spot on. And the first time I saw Sneaky do pizza delivery Sivir, I didn’t even know it was Sneaky!"