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Clash and MXL Debut Await in League Weekend

Kai’Si - League of Legends Champion

Team Norse Thunder’s League of Legends roster are gearing up for their biggest weekend since forming as they compete in the first Clash event of 2022 and then make their debut in the MXL.  

Thunder are set to play in the Forge God Cup on day one of the pan-European Clash event on Saturday before switching their attention to the opening fixture of the MXL on Sunday. The Cheesy Garlic Bread Mafia are Thunder’s opponent’s in round one of the MXL split.

Preparations for the MXL have been underway for a number of weeks. The team took part in their first scrim and earned a 2-0 victory last weekend and intensive one-on-one coaching sessions followed through the week. This weekend’s Clash event is being used as the final chance to spend time on the rift ahead of facing the Cheesy Garlic Bread Mafia. 

Representing Team Norse Thunder in both the Clash and the MXL fixture are: MyKeyIsLost, Dydaa, Sylvari Flames, Xepherr, and Trashraka. 

Speaking about the upcoming split, Thunder’s Head Coach, Max Ward said: “The team has picked up on the fundamentals of team play exceptionally well, we have a good foundation to build upon. Now all that’s left to see is how far we can go in [the] competition!”

Meanwhile, Thunder’s WildRift Head Coach, Alastair Fan, who works alongside Max said: “The team has been excellent in training and improving a lot after each session. The scrim they had was phenomenal. I have a strong faith in them [for] the upcoming game and [to] have a good start in the MXL.”