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Apollyon Named Pokemon Unite Vice Captain

Apollyon - Pokemon Unite Vice Captain

Team Norse Thunder’s Pokemon Unite program has announced its new vice captain for Team Yellow, with Apollyon taking up the newly created role. 

The Pokemon Unite program at Thunder boasts two competitive teams - Team Red and Team Yellow - and both are looking to make a run at qualifying for the 2023 World Championships. The showpiece event is scheduled for August 2023 and takes place in Yokohama, Japan. 

Apollyon joined Team Norse Thunder in mid-2022, originally as a substitute player, but went on to play in scrims and qualifying events for last year’s World Championship. At the start of 2023, Thunder’s Unite program grew to host two teams and Apollyon found a home on Team Yellow. 

The vice captain role will see him working alongside Team Yellow’s captain to lead the roster, craft play strategies, and support behind the scenes too. 

Speaking about his new role in the team, Apollyon said: “From the very beginning Thunder has been like my home away from home. Everyone here is amazing and has helped me grow massively, not just on the competitive [side] of Unite, but given me more confidence in general. 

“Being chosen to be vice captain was a huge achievement for me. Taking on more responsibility is something I'm more than ready for and so far it's been going really well.

“Our first outing as Team Yellow went as well as expected for a newly formed five stack… winning and losing together is a part of the game and hasn't knocked our confidence one bit. I really believe we can go the distance and achieve what we set out for: playing in Japan!”