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Alastair Fan Appointed WildRift Head Coach

Alastair Fan - League of Legends WildRift Head Coach

Team Norse Thunder has appointed Alastair Fan as the team’s dedicated WildRift Head Coach, making him the first person to formally take up the role. He has signed a one-year deal to lead Thunder’s fledgling WildRift roster as the organisation rebuilds into the title. 

Alastair is currently a substitute player on Thunder’s League of Legends roster, a position he will combine with his new WildRift duties. He will also take on some coaching responsibilities with the roster he plays on as part of his development as a coach. 

As a player, Alastair is ranked in the top 1.4% of ADCs on the EUW server and has consistently been playing in high ELOs - experience that will serve him well in his coaching role. 

Team Norse Thunder had previously run a WildRift roster, but that was brought to an end in the summer of 2021 as it lost key players. The revival of Thunder’s WildRift efforts marks a significant focus being put on the esports side of the organisation. 

Speaking about Alastair’s appointment, Team Norse Thunder’s owner, Dave Scotford said: “I’m really excited to have Alastair on board. We’re building something really strong and I think he’s just the person to push things forward. There’s a great group of guys that he can work with, so this feels like a good fit. 

“His track record in League of Legends speaks for itself and he’ll be a real asset to the team as we continue to shape the roster and build solid foundations. Alastair has been with Thunder for a little while now so we’ve got to know each other quite well - this is a massive appointment for us!”