A New Direction for Team Norse Thunder for 2020

With the new year comes a new announcement as Team Norse Thunder reshapes its focus and roster. 

The Pokemon TCG and Hearthstone titles have been added as divisions to the team’s operations, while a ‘game promotion’ agreement has been reached with Invasion TCG. 

For the team’s Pokemon TCG division, Karys Belfield has been signed, while Phoebe Belfield is acting in a support and practice partner role. Karys is currently in the Seniors age division of the game and is working towards qualification for the 2020 World Championships which will be held in London. She has previously been ranked within the top 32 players in Europe, so she’s an exciting addition to the roster! 

Meanwhile, the team’s founding member, Dave Scotford, will represent Team Norse Thunder playing Hearthstone. He has previously been ranked as the world’s top Exodus TCG player and finished 11th at the 2018 World Championships, but took an extended break from the game. 

Speaking about the changes, Dave said: “A lot has been going on behind the scenes so from the outside it might have looked like we’d gone a bit quiet. 

“I’m excited about adding Pokemon TCG and Hearthstone to what we’re doing, and the time we took to work out what we wanted to achieve as a team led us naturally to those titles. 

“Working with Invasion TCG to promote the game to a wider audience also makes sense bearing in mind my involvement with them already as a game designer. 

“2020 is the year we’re hoping Karys qualifies for the Pokemon TCG World Championships while I take my first steps in competitive level Hearthstone... so it’s going to be an exciting one!”